User Manual

The user manual provided with each copy of PD-PLUS is a full-size three-ring binder, with  approximately 274 pages. It is divided into 29 major sections, each with its own tab for easy access to the information needed. Each section describing input for part of a PD-PLUS model presents a summary of the keywords used for that type of input, descriptions of how each of these is used, and examples of how they are used together in a paragraph of input data. The manual also is provided in Adobe's Portable Document Format (.PDF), viewable with the Adobe Acrobat Reader typically provided with a new computer. This file may be downloaded by clicking below. 

Downloading the manual.

 Click below to request the download. A popup menu will let you specify where you want the file to be saved.  The file is compressed into ".zip" format and is about 1.8 megabytes in size. The .PDF file extracted is slightly larger. The extraction may be done with any utility that has .zip file extraction capability, such as WinZip or IZArc.

Click here to download manual.